The picture shown here was given to me by a lady who used to work for me. She gave me this beautiful sculpture as a representation ocrane_turtlef her thoughts and appreciation of our relationship. She is of Chinese descent and the symbolism has it’s meaning from her Chinese culture.

Her explanation of the crane reminds me of a prayer to Blessed Virgin Mary for a good mind.

O Mary, my Mother,
I offer you my soul, my mind, and my heart.

Make of me God’s instrument.
Give me a penetrating mind to discover,
firm to judge,
open to understand,
free to serve the truth;
an honest mind in telling what it sees rather than what it wants to see;

a tolerant mind which does not dictate to other people,
but which explain what it sees clearly;
a mind infused by the light and the truth of your Son Jesus,
patient in faith,
while waiting for the vision of eternal life.


Turtles, especially the big Tortoise, live a long time and it brings to mind an eternal life which we can attain through our Lord.

“Turtle spirit animal reminds us that we are ageless. She points out the timeless quality of our soul and patiently prompts us to recall the broader picture of centuries rather than seconds, lifetimes versus break times. You are being called upon to develop your own inner sage to guide you along the path.”

From Meaning of Turtle Spirit Animal.

Thinking of “turtle spirit animal” as the Holy Spirit, “own inner sage” as assistance from the Blessed Virgin Mary and it reminds me of one of my daily prayers:

May my heart always be the temple of the Holy Spirit
May Jesus be the helmsman of my spiritual ship and
May Mary be the light that shine upon my path and shows me the safe way to our heavenly Father.



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